We are bringing health to you!

We are now accepting Virtual appointments. Accessing health at the comfort of your own space!

How is our telehealth implemented?

Our telehealth offerings reduce the need for expensive hospital trips and offer convenient services. We offer personal advice on all aspects of taking care of your wellness. You have now the option to schedule appointments, request medications, and exchange emails. With Evolving.Care's user-friendly platform, individuals can schedule appointments, consultations and receive personalized medical advice—all through secure video conferencing technology. Whether seeking routine check-ups, specialist consultations, or urgent medical attention, Evolving.Care's telehealth services ensure efficient, reliable, and patient-centered care.

How to prepare for a virtual visit?

If you're planning to meet us virtually, ensure you have either a smartphone or a PC equipped with a webcam and reliable Wi-Fi. Before your virtual appointment, gather all pertinent information. Record your symptoms for discussion during the session. Additionally, confirm details like weight and temperature to aid in diagnosis. Take note of vital signs, symptoms, and their duration to assist in the diagnostic process. It's crucial to find a private area at home for your virtual visit, similar to the calm and private space in a regular clinic. This ensures confidentiality and allows for focused communication.

Our mission is To provide quality healthcare to individuals to help them Feel Better and Evolve.