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Evolving.Care provides primary care and family medicine to all Residents living along Texas. Shayla Sewell, ARPN FNP-C, aims to provide treatments and exceptional health care services to Texas both in-person and virtual appointments.
Shayla Sewell, the owner and CEO of Evolving.Care, has a rich background in nursing, spanning since 2006.

In 2019, she achieved her Family Nurse Practitioners license in both Texas and Arkansas, showcasing her dedication to advancing her expertise. Hailing from Marche, Arkansas, Shayla’s upbringing instilled her with southern morals and values, evident in her embodiment of southern hospitality.

With experience in long-term, intensive, and emergency care, Shayla’s professional journey led her to establish Evolving.Care. This venture reflects her fervor for offering accessible, high-quality healthcare to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Alongside her sister, Dr. Khayla Sewell Bernard, Shayla is a co-founder of Joyce’s Girls, a non-profit organization formed in honor of their late mother, Joyce Ann Perkins Dolphus. Their mother’s battle with breast cancer, which tragically claimed her life in 2018, profoundly influenced Shayla and her family. Through Joyce’s Girls, they aspire to raise awareness about breast cancer and advocate for preventative care, screenings, support systems, education, and more. Their overarching goal, encapsulated by the motto “Helping Us Survive,” is to reach out to individuals and effect positive change in their lives.

Featured Services

Primary Care Services

We offer Primary Care Services which is designed to be your first line of defense in managing your health and well-being. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized care for individuals of all ages.
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Emergency Trainings

We offer comprehensive Emergency and Life Support Trainings designed to equip individuals with vital skills necessary to respond effectively in critical situations. Our training programs are meticulously crafted by experienced professionals in the medical and emergency response fields, ensuring the highest standard of education and practical knowledge transfer.
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We're revolutionizing healthcare accessibility through our comprehensive Telehealth Options. With our innovative platform, patients can connect virtually with trusted healthcare providers from the comfort of their own homes
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